Friday, 24 March, 2023
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Message from CEO

प्रमुख कार्यकारी अधिकृतको सन्देश

Dear Stakeholders,

Warm Greetings to Everyone!!

At the foremost, I would like to express my heartiest thanks to our investors (viz. Government of Nepal & Nepal Rastra Bank) and Banks & Financial Institutions(BFIs) for their invaluable support and effort. Likewise, I am equally thankful to the Ministry of Finance and team for their guidance and kind cooperation. I am also indebted to the Chairman and Board of Directors for having trust in me and extending their guardianship as always. Indeed, I feel privileged to be appointed as the CEO of the Fund. My sincere gratefulness to all of them.

It is important for us to reflect on the past performance and focus on the future. Having completed 48 years of operation, we are growing bigger and stronger, and have proved ourselves to be a trustworthy and only financial safety net of the nation which drives its business through knowledge, expertise, dedication and BFIs focused services.

All our fundamental parameters are good and financially stable. Further, I am delighted to reveal that we have been working on diversifying our products and services with enhanced benefits to BFIs. The ratio of our premium collection and claim payout is quite reasonable and satisfying, which itself reflects the level of our service, trust and confidence of the BFI's on us. This has been achievable predominantly with the support of our stakeholders who are actively associated with us, and of course, the relentless efforts of the employees. They all deserves to be applauded.

We will continuously strive to improve the performance for achieving our goals. We will strategically plan our approach in order to meet and adjust to the changing business environment with core focus on sustainable growth. The Fund expresses its firm commitment to further enhance and diversify its sectors and services so as to embrace the international standards in every front of business by altering its traditional practices and mechanism.

I sincerely hope that all our stakeholders will continue granting us their long-term support and encouragement. From us, we will work even harder and push forward vigorously to realize the vision and mission of the Fund.


Thank you,

Ramesh Ghimire

Chief Executive Officer

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